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Cutting Sticker Jinka Gold Pro Series

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product arrow Jinka Gold Pro 1351 LED

Jinka Gold Pro 1351 LED
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Model: Gold Pro 1351

Max paper Width : 1350 mm

Max. Plotting Width: 1260 mm

Mainboard: 32-bit ARM6 CPU

Interface: USB + COM + U Disk

Buffer Memory: 32 MB

Blade: Detail Blade 3 pcs; Normal Blade 3 pcs; Big Letter Blade 3 pcs

Screen Display: Standart

Max Cutting Speed: 800 mm/s

Max Cutting Force: 500g

Repeat Function: No

Power: AC 90 - 264V / 50-60Hz

Max Cutting Thickness: <1mm

Warranty: 2 years

Colour: Metalic Gold

Countour Cut Sensor: Yes

Software : Anycut

Standing: Yes

Paper Feeding Precision: 3 m

Cutting Precision: 2 mm

Mechanical Noise: 90 db

With LED

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